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Elegantly Designed Green Environments
Cement Design is an international company based in Spain specializing in manufacturing exclusive decorative coatings. A brand that means exclusivity and is a leader in the continuous coating manufacturing field. We develop versatile products with a wide selection, designed for architecture and decoration lovers.

We coat every type of space and surface with the functionality and aesthetics of a material with extraordinary technical capabilities. Cement Design is present in more than 30 countries, we are setting the trend in the industry with innovation and originality in order to be the current international “hallmark” in the top decorative coatings world.

​Our products allow you to create personal ideas to get the desired design. There is a wide range of 120 colors that you can mix them to get new ones. Otherwise you can get a lot of possibilities with the 50 different textures of the products. From our classical concrete collection, the textile one or the products made with metal particles. Furthermore, the coatings have a last layer which can make the surface with many decorative finishes, like for example, gold, silver effects and a blackboard.

Cement Design creates and renovates spaces with style and sophistication. It is the perfect choice for companies which are looking for personalize their areas. Its clients are some of the most important fashion brands, catering industry and design sector. In fact, it is currently an international mark in the world of high decoration coatings due to its amazing works around the world, from huge architect projects, hotels, hospitals or private residences.

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